The House of Watchmaking

Located since 50 years in a splendid building in the city centre of Geneva, The House of Watchmaking offers a wide range of watches and high-standard jewellery. The two brothers, Alain and Olivier Guttly, have given a new life to The House of Watchmaking by expanding the purchasing department and by the sale of pre-owned watches. They also included new brands at the store such as Tissot, Longines, Hermès and Montblanc.

The concept store

The term “House” employed for its name, “The House of Watchmaking”, visionary at that time, illustrates the ambitious determination for a development of a new dimension to create a place where, just like in a family home with its warm atmosphere, everyone can be sure to find his place. The world of watches is a vast universe that is not limited to selling watches, but encompasses the development of many other activities. The House of Watchmaking strives to be a place of quality in Geneva in which this universe can reach its full magnitude.

The House of Watchmaking developed a new concept in Switzerland. The House of Watchmaking is a multifunctional meeting place dedicated to the watchmaking world, following the example of concept stores. The concept store will offer more than just a shop by diversifying the customer’s experience with a multitude of areas that contribute to the theme of watchmaking. This point of reference will distinguish itself by the high level of professional expertise of its team of specialists that is trained to meet the highest expectations.

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